Ready to trade in and trade up? Maximizing your trade-in value not only puts more money in your pocket but helps offset the price of your new vehicle.

Because pre-owned cars are in high demand, we will offer top dollar for yours! Here at Major Kia, your trusted Kia dealership in Newton, selling your car is simple. Just stop by for a quick, easy appraisal and get a trade-in price that can’t be beat!

Plus, there are perks to trading your vehicle in Newton, NJ. Because your trade-in value is not subject to sales tax, you only pay tax on the out-of-pocket cost (vehicle price minus trade-in value) for your new vehicle.

Remember, when you trade in your vehicle, you take on the role of “seller.” Here are some tips for rockin’ that role and increasing your trade-in value.

Determine Your Car’s Value

First, do some research to find out what your car is worth. Before negotiating on a price, it is important to know what you deserve for your vehicle. Online pricing guides, like Kelley Blue Book, Edmunds and NerdWallet, allow you to specify make, model, year, mileage, condition level and zip code to accurately determine a reasonable price for your car.

A Clean Car Makes a Difference

Nothing replaces a first impression. Be sure to get your vehicle looking its best and stage it as if it were brand new. This includes a thorough cleaning – inside and out! Don’t forget to do the following to increase your trade-in value:

  • Vacuum the interior.
  • Wipe down/condition interior surfaces.
  • Wash the body with a high-quality car detergent.
  • Give the wheels a good scrub.
  • Use an auto glass cleaner to remove streaks and residue from windows.
  • Consider scratch and dent removal.

A clean car often means less work for the car dealer’s Service Center – and more money for your trade!

Proof of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Records of regular maintenance increase the value of your vehicle, proving to car dealers that you took care of it. Show Service Department receipts for products and services, such as:

  • Routine maintenance (oil changes, tire rotations, etc.)
  • Repairs (dent removal, etc.)
  • Parts purchased (new tires, new battery, etc.)

Do Your Research for the Best Deal

A car salesman may offer an unfair purchase price – so do NOT settle for the first deal offered! If you have done your research, you know what your car is worth.

Keep in mind that a physical inspection is the best way to get an accurate quote when trading in your vehicle. Bring the following to your appraisal:

  • Vehicle’s title
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Auto loan payoff and account info (if you have a current loan)
  • All vehicle keys
  • Your driver’s license

Stop By for a Quote on Your Trade Today!

Stop by Major Kia for a quick appraisal today! No other car dealership in Newton, NJ will give you more for your trade!

Once you have traded in, it is time to trade UP! Check out our huge selection of new and certified pre-owned vehicles, and enjoy a hassle-free car-buying experience. Our team has streamlined the process to get you back on the road fast – so it is no wonder that locals look no further to buy a Kia in Newton, New Jersey!

Come see us for a trade-in quote today!

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